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Research projects financed by the Audencia Foundation

Ten new research projects will be financed this year by the Audencia Foundation. The selected topics are interesting from an academic perspective and relevant for practice: sustainability practices in food supply chains, technostress from a consumer perspective, digital banking in the 21st century, modeling the employability and career expectations, the influence of high frequency trading, business leaders or CEO as active citizens, capability development and disadvantage in the sharing economy, the European carbon market, social network and network citizenship, borrowing decisions and lending policies.

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Advertising and the « rise of the machines ».

The advertising industry is undergoing a profound mutation, probably the most important one since the advent of the Internet, and the advent of digital advertising. Vincent Balusseau, Associate Professor at Audencia Business School, and Jean Allary, Partner at French digital agency Artefact, co-edited a book whose objective is to help students and practitioners make sense of this revolution.

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Fighting against corruption in the Himalayas

Bertrand Venard, Professor in management at Audencia Business School has conducted a scientific programme to fight against corruption in the homeland of Gross National Happiness, the Bhutan.

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Helping e-commerce companies to select the best collaborative filtering algorithms

Focus on an article published in EJOR*, a four-star journal, by Koen De Bock, Associate Professor in Marketing at Audencia Business School: A framework for configuring collaborative filtering-based recommendations derived from purchase data.

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Mark Pagell, a new FIA for the Business & Society Department.

Welcome to Mark Pagell, a new International Affiliate Faculty. Mark already came twice to Audencia; let's know a bit more about him.

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Forthcoming workshops

Here you can discover the variety and details of all the workshops which are planned these following months.

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Latest research articles by Audencia authors

Here are the latest articles which have been published since the last edition of the Rn’B Lab newsletter. Audencia professors are indicated in bold when they are co-authors.

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